Remote control cars have chaged a lot over the decades


Remote control cars

Kids today are spolied – My father never had remote control toys, an now you can buy them for under $10.

Remote control cars are cool and this rc model from Amazon is awesome =

Recently you can evenget an Anti-gravity RC Car which is undeniably cool. Lasers too, are very, very cool. A combination of all three would be super-duper über cool. And that is exactly what the Laser Zero Gravity Remote Control Car promises and delivers. Because instead of traditional radio frequencies transmitting directions to the car, this one follows a laser beam from your remote control unit. Somehow the electronic wizardry inside the car “sees” the laser dot you project and chases after it. So far so cool. But when you run the laser dot up the wall, instead of stopping at the skirting board, this car just keeps on going, chasing upwards even across the ceiling. Such amazing agility and gravity-defying stunt work will stun everyone who sees it. Amuse and amaze small children, or freak out your household pets with ease. Once everyone has seen it in action (and had a go), you will all want to know how it works. And here is another surprise. remote-control-car

what rc car?

Because instead of using a normal remote control car engine to drive wheels, the Laser Zero Gravity RC Car uses a different type of motor to blow air through the car’s bodywork which in turn “sucks” it onto the wall. It’s actually a lot more interesting than it sounds so we suggest you just get straight back into aiming that laser and driving the car here there and everywhere. The car itself docks with the laser remote to recharge it’s internal battery, ready to go over and over again. And if the red laser is not enough visual coolness for you, did we mention the car even has a luminous paint job which glows in the dark for night driving? If you want a cutting edge R/C car with all the best technologies available, the Laser Zero Gravity Remote control Car is the only one for you.

Truggy Remote control car in the UK

BTW, the Truggy remote control car for kids I mentioned in the 1st paragraph is also buyable in the UK =

remote-controlcarR/C Car Blog post with video of car doing over 200 mph –

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