Gadgets for Men Ideal for Christmas and Birthdays

With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to start shopping for gadgets for men.  Loads of guys like nothing more than un-wrapping a new gadget, whether it’s for Christmas, birthday, leaving a job or for no reason what so ever. Gadgets are fun, they are entertaining and quite often they can provide a function that is time saving and extremely cool at the same time. At the end of the day when you are thinking about what gifts to buy a guy you know it is often best to buy one of the latest gadgets to be released.

With Christmas approaching fast, this post has some nice Christmas presents for 2012 ideas, so check it out.

Here ice-T talks about his love of gadgets – Love this guy!

There are loads of gadgets that are ideal for guys of all ages and personalities. Even better news is that they come for all price brackets too. Whether you have a tenner to spend or a little bit more you are bound to find something that the man in your life doesn’t own yet. Here are some of the top five gadgets to look out for this year:

  1. Mini helicopters – There are some amazing remote control helicopters out there that are perfect for teenagers and adults alike. You can find some models for less than £30 these days and they will provide hours of entertainment and look incredible when not in use as they sit on the mantel piece. Mini helicopters can often sit in the palm of your hand and some of the latest versions can be operated by iPhones, Android handsets and even iPads.
  2. Solar phone chargers have come on in leaps and bounds over the last few months. You can use the sun to keep all of your gadgets charged. These gifts are perfect if you know a guy who often runs out of battery. Some of the versions available will work with mobile phones, mp3 players, PDA’s and more.
  3. For cool early morning wake ups why not treat your man to a projector alarm clock. It’s a cool way to tell the time and the dim red light will not disturb any other people sleeping in the same room. It has lots of other features too and will certainly look at home in any bachelor pad.
  4. Remote control planes don’t have to cost thousands of pounds and they can become brilliant hobbies. There are durable remote control planes that come with spare parts available for less than £40 these days, an incredible bargain.
  5. For a gadget under £5 you can’t beat the desktop mug warmer. The mug warmer will stop those hot beverages from getting cold as the owner works hard at their desk or finds themselves deeply involved in video games.

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