Gadgets for Kids and Teenagers

When looking for gadgets for kids it’s a good idea to think about finding excellent deals so your money goes further. Many of the main gifts children ask for these days can add to several hundred pounds. If you can stretch to one of these it’s still nice to have a few little extras to open up, and if the main gift is too much for your budget you can still find amazing gadgets that will not fail to impress.

Some of the latest gadgets that kids are going crazy for these days are:

  • Mini remote control helicopters are proving to be big hits with boys and girls in their teens. These smart looking helicopters are affordable, with some models costing less than £20! They are made to look cool when displayed (and being no bigger than the length of your hand displaying doesn’t cause a problem) and even cooler when zipping through the air.
  • Magnetic ball cubes really took off last year and they are still as popular as ever. The cube is made from 216 small magnetic balls that can be manipulated into various shapes. It’s a stress reliever ideal for those about to undertake their G.C.S.E’s. There are loads of videos on YouTube to watch with clever individuals making some pretty impressive shapes.
  • Does one of your children like to make noise? Do they bang on saucepans, tables or chairs? If so the full drum kit play mat is perfect for natural born drummers, or those who aspire to be a rock star. The best thing about this gadget is that you can use 3.5mm headphones with it, so only the person playing has to listen to the beats.
  • App controlled electronic pets are hugely popular and pretty new to the market. You can find amazing pets that come in different colours. They work with apps that can be downloaded on to handsets that use iOS or Android operating systems.  These are amazing gadgets that can run along the desk top or the floor. Unlike well-known Japanese pocket pets they are very hard to kill and will provide you all with hours of fun.

Super fun flying helicopter alarm clock…

flying helicopter alarm clock

When buying gadgets, remember to check the prices online as you can find some incredible bargains for a lot less than on the high street. It’s also a great idea to look online as there are many more gadgets available from online shops.

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  1. I love online shops, they save me lots of money.

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