Cool Gadgets for all Budgets

Who doesn’t love the latest cool gadgets? Men, women, adults, teenagers and kids all seem to be really impressed with some of the latest technology available. With Christmas on the horizon, you can get some cool Christmas present ideas over at and Christmas corner has some specific Christmas presents for men ideas.

There are all sorts of gadgets suitable for all personalities, and the range of choice can make it a bit confusing when it comes to shopping for presents. If you would like to start buying gifts for Christmas, or are looking for that perfect birthday present here are some of the most sought after gadgets that are available to buy right now.

Under a Fiver

Not all gadgets are hugely expensive. You can find plenty that cost less than a five pound note and these gifts are ideal stocking fillers or little extras.  They also make brilliant pocket money presents too, so if you have a small budget consider the purchasing the following:

  • USB mug warmer for anyone who hates their tea or coffee to go cold while working or playing on their pc or laptop
  • The tap shower radio is the ideal gift for anyone who loves to listen to their favourite songs while getting clean. Suitable for all ages this is the perfect gift for the entire family. It plays FM and AM radio stations so whether you like to listen to the latest results, your favourite show or some classic tunes this is the gift for you.

Ten to Fifteen Pounds

A tenner doesn’t seem to go far these days but these gadgets are all available from between £10 to £15.

  • Mini mobile phone solar charger is a great gift for the one person who always seems to run out of battery on their mobile phone. With so many apps on handsets these days batteries never seem to last the day. This small gadget works using the sun to power up batteries even when there is no electricity sockets available.
  • A funny gift idea is the fart machine. This is just a lot of fun for everyone and will certainly fill the room with laughter.

Twenty Pounds and Under

You can find loads of great gadgets for less than £20, some of the best sellers include:

  • The Chinook cargo helicopter is a remote control toy that will certainly impress. It is one of the world’s smallest3 channel helicopters and comes with two rotors. Ideal for anyone over the age of 8
  • The projection alarm clock not only wakes you up, it also tells you the weather forecast, projects the time on the wall or ceiling and even plays you the radio. You couldn’t find a more feature packed alarm clock for just £16.99.

There are cool gadgets for all budgets, so if you are watching the pennies you will still find plenty of choice when it comes to shopping this year.

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  1. Yeah, some small Gadgets are still valuable, making people happy.

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