Christmas Gifts for Kids: Musical Stylophone and Construction Racing Car Kit

Arguably one of the greatest electronic musical instruments ever created, and popularised by Rolf Harris, arguably one of the best entertainers the world has ever seen, the humble Stylophone occupies a unique position in history. Played by the aforementioned bearded antipodean on countless light entertainment shows throughout the ‘70s and featured on David Bowie’s classic “Space Oddity”, the original Stylophone sold in its hundreds of thousands. Simple to pick up, and incredibly addictive once you get started, just tap the point of the attached stylus against the metal pads to create musical notes. See? Smaller than a piano and far, far cooler than a recorder, the Stylophone is the ideal starter instrument. For the advanced musician, try experimenting with the vibrato effect to add an additional layer of musical depth (or annoyance) to your composition. This new version of Stylophone also adds to the “classic” sound with new Synth and Bass generators, opening a whole new world of buzzing creativity to the pocket musician. And if that’s not enough to get you going, try attaching your MP3 player to the dedicated input port and you can jam along with your musical heroes. Who doesn’t want to hear Bob Marley, The Who or the London Philharmonic Orchestra enhanced by the unique sound of the Stylophone? The Stylophone has experienced generations of musicians, turning up on tracks by the likes of Kraftwerk, Marilyn Manson and the White Stripes, further enhancing this unique instrument’s credentials. And just in case your audience fail to fully appreciate your efforts, you can always play along to yourself thanks to the built-in headphone jack. This new version adds a few neat tricks to complement the original whilst retaining all of the charm of the original Stylophone. So get to it – there might be a hit single in there somewhere!


For a bit of peace and quiet after your child’s Stylophone performance set them to work building their very own Racing Car with the Construction Racing Car Kit available here:  from amazon.

The Construction Car Kit contains 30 Pieces which are required to build your car and customise it to be a smart racing car. Also included in the box are all batteries required to build and use the racing car.

Due to the nature of the kit once it has been built it can be taken apart and rebuilt over and over. This could turn into a game seeing who could be the fastest pit crew and can build the racing car kit in the quickest time.

You can find out more about all the different types and history of racing cars here:

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