Best Gadget Gifts & Stocking Fillers For Men

Who doesn’t love gadgets? There are so many to choose from now, all aimed at different ages so you can find something for Children, your partner, best friend and even brilliant gadgets for grandparents. With so much choice out there it can be hard to know where to start so check out our list of the best gadget gifts to buy your friends and family this year.

As Christmas will be upon us in a few weeks, I should also mention a few gadgets stocking filler ideas, so check out these stocking fillers for men at Femgeek.

The Busy Worker

We love the desk top gifts such as the mug warmer and the desk fan.  The mug warmer costs less than a fiver and plugs into a USB port on a laptop or computer. Place your cup or mug on the warming plate and enjoy a cup of hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate at any time. The desk top fan is a brilliant gift idea as it can either help to keep the worker cool, or help to stop the laptop from overheating. These are brilliant little gift ideas perfect for the office or the self-employed.

The Person with All the Gadgets

Most of us know someone who already has the latest smartphone, e-reader, mp3 player and pda’s. With so many gadgets you may think there is nothing left to buy, but there is! The solar charger will keep all those gadgets functioning all the time. Using the power of the sun you can plug all sorts of gadgets into the small device and charge it up anywhere, any time. It doesn’t even need to be sunny! This is the perfect gift for that gadget crazy person you know who loves to stay in touch and have access to all sorts of apps as they go about their business.

The Grumpy Morning Person

If you have a friend or partner that hates waking up to the alarm why not give them something different. The sun rise alarm will still make sure they are up on time, but it will awake them from their dreams in a much kinder and relaxing way. The light gradually increases before the time the alarm is set waking up the sleeper naturally. Forget loud beeps or dreadful radio stations, choose the light and sound of nature and you should see the grumpy person become more pleasant in the mornings.

Gadgets for 2012:

There are gadgets for all personalities. You can find ones ideal for teenagers, for the woman with the busy lifestyle or the woman who has to have it all. Check for the best prices and gift ideas online to bag the right bargain for the woman in your life.

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