Awesome Gift Ideas: Construction Racing Car Kit and USB Guitar

For the budding mechanic or toy car enthusiast in the house the Construction Car Racing Kit is a wonderful gift. Its available on Amazon UK here.

The Racing Car Kit consists of 30 parts which are used to make and customise an awesome Racing Car. It even includes an electric drill to aid construction.

We all know that having to go out and find batteries after purchasing a present can be a pain and luckily ThinkGizmos have planned for this so everything needed to enjoy the Construction Car Kit is included in the box, including all required batteries.

The Construction Racing Car Kit also has added lights and sounds for realism and effect. Simply turn the engine on as with a real car and it will start up. The car can be dismantled and rebuilt over and over which will also help improve concentration and find hand skills.

For the bigger kid in the family find out more about Kit Cars here:

Guitars are undeniably cool and electric instruments doubly so, but learning to play one can be a frustrating and expensive process. Sure, there are video tutorials, DVDs and computer programs which exist claiming to help you learn to play guitar in a matter of minutes, but without a tutor to give you feedback on what you are doing, it becomes very difficult to improve. The USB Guitar is a genuine full size, six-string electric guitar constructed out of solid wood. In fact, this guitar is the real deal but with one added bonus – plug the guitar into the supplied “Guitar Link” cable and suddenly a whole new world of music tutorship is available. Because the other end of the Guitar Link cable connects to your computer’s USB port. Once connected at both ends, you can use the step-by-step training guide to learn guitar-playing techniques, receiving onscreen feedback about your progress and helping you make sure “you’re doing it right”. The training software shows your efforts against the ideal so you can see exactly where your mistakes are, and to give you a visual indication of how you can improve. Once your skills are up to scratch, you can use the copy of Guitar Rig LE software to record your compositions and burn them to CD for easy postage to record labels. Or convert and upload to the music sharing site of your choice. The USB Guitar is a teaching tool and a music recording tool in one, and thanks to the simplicity of both is a perfect gift for budding guitarists of all ages.

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